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    Heart + Soul Fitness

    Private 1 + 1 Movement Therapy

    Exercise that takes place in a controlled environment using functional everyday movement in combination with a tailored Corrective Exercise Prescription. Using elements of stability, mobility, cardiovascular and resistance training to achieve pain free movement.

    Change is inevitable. 


    This style of training is the foundation for an active lifestyle. Creating a pro-active lifestyle yields results, longevity, and more energy to perform activities of daily living. Not only will you feel leaner and taller, you'll look it!


    Group Hatha Yoga Instruction

    A Yogic experience that focuses on the unity between mind, body, and spirit.

    An experience into self discovery.


    Yoga gives us the opportunity to be curious about oneself. Mindful movement is like an investigation of the senses. Leaving space for freedom, confidence and for your spirit to shine through.


    Pre/Post Natal

    An individual program designed specifically to meet the needs of the new or expecting mother.

    Focused on preparation for the expecting mother and restoration for the new mother.


    This 12 week program will not only heal the wounds, but also strengthen the body. Restoring ability and energy that is required to meet the demands of motherhood. 


    Corrective Exercise and Injury Rehabilitation 

    A customized program that includes neuromuscular reeducation specifically to mediate your muscular imbalances and structural asymmetries in a safe and effective manor. 

    Healing through focused movement.


    An Injury Prevention approach based on identifying movement or structural limitations and then providing corrective exercises to remedy the existing imbalances.


    NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT)

    We are all living with some sort of pain.

    The good news is we dont have to.


    NKT is a pain management technique that integrates corrective exercise and manual muscle tension release. When NKT is combined with exercise, movement becomes easier and pain will diminish.


    Nutrition Consulting + Behavior Modification

    Learn to live in tune with nature's rhythm.

    Because we ARE what we eat!


    Using an Ayurvedic approach to food choices. Accompanied with plan of care designed to directly eliminate self sabotaging behaviors that limit growth and fitness results.


    Educational Seminar




    A series of 1 hour educational onsite lunch meetings to support local community and business professionals when they have minimal time throughout their day. This express teaching tool is designed to give alternative health care approaches and answer important questions that may arise.


    Visually Guided Meditation Instruction

    Journey through the imagination, designed to release stress.



    Belief trumps biology. Meditation allows us to access our biochemical  processes via focused attention. Meditation is an excellent integration for someone who is chronically stressed, fatigued, or heart related issues including high blood pressure.  




    Santa Cruz County, California 

    By reducing stress and teaching coping skills we are assisting to prevent the onset of disease, additionally increasing weight loss and energy. Your family and friends benefit directly when you take pride in your body and your ability to perform activities of daily living easier for the rest of your life. In essence, leading by example, promoting health for yourself and to others.


    Amanda has created a mind/body curriculum approach that breaks down psychological barriers that are inhibiting results. Meanwhile, enhancing the regeneration process turning movement and postural poise into pain free active living!


    Trainings and Certifications


    • Certified Personal Trainer

    • Pre/Post Natal Certification

    • 200hr Hatha Yoga Certification
    • NeuroKinetic Therapist
    • Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • National Counsel of Strength & Fitness

    • National Academy of Sports & Medicine

    • BA in Psychology

    Vanessa Racinet

    Santa Cruz, California Location

    VAZA's dynamic approach guides students through a physically and spiritually expansive journey.
    Her teaching is unique in that her vigorous style is coupled with a strong focus on proper
    alignment and total body awareness.The use of personalized instruction helps students of any level harness
    the power that comes from an understanding of the relationship between breath and movement, body and mind.
    VAZA infuses her Vinyasa based and multifaceted knowledge of Yoga with personal passion to inspire students to truly listen to their bodies, leave their egos at the door, and - most importantly -reconnect with yourself!


    Trainings and Certifications


    • 200 hr Asthanga Teacher Training at It's Yoga SF
    • 200 hr Yoga Therapy Teacher Training at Yoga Bloom SF
    • numerous workshops with Stephanie Snyder, Kathryn Budig and Tiffany Cruikshank
    • Life long study at the Women Rocking Business with Sage Lavine 

    Dave Cash

    New York, New York Location

    Dave Cash grew up in New York City near Columbia University where his parents were professors of writing and literature. He majored in Religious Studies at the University of Michigan and then went on to become a pre-school teacher for two years. In 2008 he became a personal trainer at equinox, where he worked for three and a half years before venturing out on his own in 2012. His practice gradually grew as he did and came to include modalities such as Qi gong, Feldenkrais, Yoga, and Coherent breathing. He created Breatheherenowfitness in 2015 in an effort to spread his message in a new way and emphasize the gift of presence and breath as a cornerstone of his training/coaching/teaching.


    Trainings and Certifications






    Pre-post natal

    Functional movement screen

    Vinyasa yoga





    Lets Get Started

    3 Private Training Sessions for $180

    1st session includes: Q & A, PAR-Q, Medical History, Blood Pressure, Goal Identification, Nutrition, Circumference measurement, Body Fat analysis, Postural Assessment, Strength Assessment

    2nd Session: Cardiovascular introduction, Primal Movement, Stabilization

    3rd Session: Strength Introduction, Flexibility Introduction

    Customized Home Programs


    Wedding Day Body Bliss
    For the wedding of your dreams you deserve the body of your dreams too!!!

    10 week program: 3 Days a week
    14 week program: 2 Days a week


    Yoga for Absolute Beginners
    Want to start your spirtitual path to fitness, wellness and body mind connection, but intimidated by Yoga studios. This is the package for you!
    6 Private Training Sessions



    Group Classes:

    5 pack

    10 pack

    Unlimited Fitness & Yoga Groups



    Build a Package that fits your Budget—Call 917-274-SOUL




    Amanda is more than just a corrective exercise specialist.  She has had extensive training in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, and personal training.  She knows the inner workings of body mechanics, and she's able to help people reach their fitness goals by addressing not only their physical needs, but also chakra imbalances, and other energetic imbalances that your average personal trainer doesn't address.  Amanda customizes exercise plans to fit each individual's needs.  She can operate as a weekly personal trainer, or she can create an exercise prescription for people to practice on their own.  I have worked with Amanda myself, and also referred hundreds of patients to Amanda, and I have heard nothing but glowing reviews back from them.


    Juli Mazi Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine -  Santa Cruz, CA




    Amanda has been so instrumental in getting me back on track fitness wise. It's been a challenge for me as someone who was active in the past to get going again, but Amanda has been amazingly supportive and encouraging and ass-kicking all at the same time!


    Erica B. — Manhattan, NY



    Amanda is a great trainer and really knows how to read my body! Can't wait to keep working out with her and seeing the results!


    Jenna G. — Manhattan, NY



    I did a 3 month intensive with Amanda. I gotta say I'm pretty impressed, for a small, fit and fiesty girl...she kicked my butt. She put me through a lot of non-weight strength conditioning and totally got me to build a strong foundation. Every session had me sweating and exhausted, but within 30 mins after I session I felt amazing. Thanks Amanda!! Best of luck!!


    Aziz H. — New York, NY



    Amanda really takes the time to get to know you and set goals prior to training. She is great to work with, and really knows how to push you. Although she pushes you, she is extremely mindful that each exercise is done in safe way and in the right form. After each exercise, she asks the level of difficulty to get a sense of your abilities and is extremely dedicated to developing different types of strengths.


    Olivia P. — Manhattan, NY



    Amanda isn't just pre and post natal- I've been seeing her for about a year now and i don't fit in that category! Trainers who are really engaged and passionate are very hard to find and Amanda really is that. She's knowledgeable, knows when to push you- really a cut above the rest and I've worked with many trainers in my day.


    Anya E. — Brooklyn, NY



    Life is basically about your goals, your decisions, and those opportunities that decide to show up whenever they feel like it. With all of the challenges we face each and everyday this can be ridiculously overwhelming. Luckily for us, there are people on this planet like Amanda who can prepare us to be better equipped to take on the world. HeartNsoul fitness isn't your typical training service because it is so much more than exercise. It is life training. Highly recommended.


    Gavin H. — Astoria, NY


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